About me

I am interested in Deep Learning and its applications. I have focused on designing and implementing deep neural models on language, vision tasks and game environments. Specifically, I have worked on a diverse set of models and methods that help machines to read, comprehend, and gather information from both static and interactive knowledge sources. I am also interested in finding ways to harvest commonsense and procedural knowledge from language environments and use them to help machines to do reasoning. Other than above, I am interested in deep generative models, specifically methods that helps Natural Language Generation models to generate diverse and sense-making outputs.


  • Paper accepted at NAACL 2021 An Empirical Study on Neural Keyphrase Generation R. Meng, X. Yuan, T. Wang, S. Zhao, A. Trischler, D. He. ArXiv
  • Paper accepted at ICLR 2021: ALFWorld: Aligning Text and Embodied Environments for Interactive Learning M. Shridhar, X. Yuan, M.-A. Cote, Y. Bisk, A. Trischler, M Hausknecht. ArXiv
  • I have been nominated as an outstanding reviewer at EMNLP 2020! (But you can find my name in the list of outstanding ACs :p EMNLP 2020 Proceedings)


  • B.S. in Communications Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, 2011
  • M.S. in Computer Science, New York University, 2015

Work experience


  • Reviewer: ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, ICML, NeurIPS, SIGIR, Montreal AI Symposium (MAIS), Reasoning for Complex Question Answering (RCQA) Workshop.
  • Organizer:
    • Knowledge-Based Reinforcement Learning (KBRL) Workshop at IJCAI-PRICAI 2020, Yokohama, Japan. Website
    • Wordplay: When Language Meets Games Workshop at NeurIPS 2020. Website

Selected publications

  • ALFWorld: Aligning Text and Embodied Environments for Interactive Learning M. Shridhar, X. Yuan, M.-A. Cote, Y. Bisk, A. Trischler, M Hausknecht. ICLR 2021. ArXiv
  • Learning Dynamic Knowledge Graphs to Generalize on Text-Based Games. A. Adhikari*, X. Yuan*, M-A. Côté*, M. Zelinka, M-A. Rondeau, R. Laroche, P. Poupart, J. Tang, A. Trischler, W. Hamilton. NeurIPS 2020. ArXiv
  • Interactive Fiction Games: A Colossal Adventure. M. Hausknecht, P. Ammanabrolu, M-A. Côté, X. Yuan. In AAAI, 2020. ArXiv
  • Interactive Machine Comprehension with Information Seeking Agents. X. Yuan*, J. Fu*, M-A. Côté, Y. Tay, C. Pal, A. Trischler. In ACL 2020. ArXiv
  • Interactive Language Learning by Question Answering. X. Yuan*, M-A. Côté*, J. Fu, Z. Lin, C. Pal, Y. Bengio, A. Trischler. In EMNLP, 2019. ArXiv
  • Building Dynamic Knowledge Graphs from Text using Machine Reading Comprehension. R. Das, T. Munkhdalai, X. Yuan, A. Trischler, A. McCallum. In ICLR, 2019. ArXiv
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Generating and Evaluating Variable Number of Keyphrases. X. Yuan*, T. Wang*, R. Meng*, K. Thaker, P. Brusilovsky, D. He, A. Trischler. In ACL 2020. ArXiv
  • TextWorld: A Learning Environment for Text-based Games. M-A. Côté, Á. Kádár, X. Yuan, B. Kybartas, T. Barnes, E. Fine, J. Moore, M. Hausknecht, L. El Asri, M. Adada, W. Tay, A. Trischler. In Computer Games Workshop, ICML/IJCAI, 2018. ArXiv
  • Machine Comprehension by Text-to-Text Neural Question Generation. X. Yuan*, T. Wang*, C. Gulcehre*, A. Sordoni*, P. Bachman, S. Zhang, S. Subramanian, A. Trischler. In RepL4NLP Workshop, ACL, 2017. ArXiv
  • NewsQA: a Machine Comprehension Dataset. A. Trischler*, T. Wang*, X. Yuan*, J. Harris, A. Sordoni, P. Bachman, K. Suleman. In RepL4NLP Workshop, ACL, 2017. ArXiv
  • Natural Language Comprehension with the Epireader. A. Trischler, Z. Ye, X. Yuan, P. Bachman, A. Sordoni, K. Suleman. In EMNLP, 2016. ArXiv

Fun stuff